Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Liberty Auction House - The Internets Source for Police Auction

The reason why these kinds of police auctions are held is because police or other federal agencies confiscate cars and need to release them. There are several sources of these cars:

1. Seized cars from criminals. The seizure law provides a tool for the police, in particular against drug dealers and organized crime. The property that is employed in the commission of the crime can be seized under this law.

2. Collected evidence. Sometimes police arrest a thief who has the place to store the stolen items. Especially in case of luxury vehicles that are disassembled for the parts, it is too difficult to find out the original owners. Even if the police spend much effort to return those collected items to the rightful owner, there are usually a lot remaining unclaimed. Occasionally, the police may even open the whole warehouse of stolen items to make the sales.

3. Cars that have been impounded by the law enforcement and have never been claimed. Some cars are towed by the police for different reasons then put in police auctions or government auctions. When a car has been in an accident or parked illegally, it needs to be moved out of the street. Normally, it would be claimed later on. However, if the processes of returning the cars to the rightful owners are unsuccessful, the police can place them for an auction.

4. Some items are turned in by good civilians with the hope that they will come back to the owner. Nonetheless, in the case that no owner is found they would be auctioned off.

5. Apart from the above, there are also junk vehicles that are abandoned by the owner and the police surplus cars that are not needed anymore. These will turn up in the police auction just as well.

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