Thursday, May 31, 2012

Liberty Auction House in San Francisco Chronicle for Free Police Auction Site!

police auctions
Liberty Auction House in San Francisco Chronicle

Our goal is to make interested people aware of the deals that are currently available from any of the numerous government auction agencies. For research I generally use my number one rated government vehicle auctions site as evaluated on my review site highlighted in the last paragraph. 
By the time you read this the items listed may of expired, however, it will provide you with an example of what kind of deals are available, so when you're in the market for the same type of item you'll know where to look and what price range to expect. For this article I have found a number of cars (and a pickup truck) among the tens of thousands that are available. These are just a randomly selected micro sample of some of the police auctions deals that are available:
  • 2005 Porche Boxster with 14K miles - $5,790
  • 2005 X5 BMW with 15K miles - $4,140
  • 2005 Ford 150 Pickup with 12K miles for - $5,710
  • 2003 Jeep Liberty with 23K miles - $3,890
  • 2005 Corvette with 13K miles - $4,600
Like I said these are just a sample of ones I selected but you can select from any made and model. So where do all these vehicles come from and why are they so darn cheap? The come from numerous branch sources which all have many vehicles reposed for different reasons ranging from unpaid debt and/or taxes to many different legal reasons. Police and other government agencies also sell off the items that they obtain from convicted criminals.
Going to a live on-site government auction rather then an online auction is a good idea because you will be given the opportunity to look over the vehicle before you bid on it. As I've mentioned in the past if you're not mechanically inclined then bring someone to the auction who is. Also be careful to verify the quality and the history of the vehicle before you purchase. Given the fact that a small percentage of people are even aware that these auctions even exist, you'll be able to find a vehicle of your choosing, perhaps even of higher social status then you intended for a much lower price then you expected.

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