Thursday, May 31, 2012

Liberty Auction House in San Francisco Chronicle for Free Police Auction Site!

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Liberty Auction House in San Francisco Chronicle

Our goal is to make interested people aware of the deals that are currently available from any of the numerous government auction agencies. For research I generally use my number one rated government vehicle auctions site as evaluated on my review site highlighted in the last paragraph. 
By the time you read this the items listed may of expired, however, it will provide you with an example of what kind of deals are available, so when you're in the market for the same type of item you'll know where to look and what price range to expect. For this article I have found a number of cars (and a pickup truck) among the tens of thousands that are available. These are just a randomly selected micro sample of some of the police auctions deals that are available:
  • 2005 Porche Boxster with 14K miles - $5,790
  • 2005 X5 BMW with 15K miles - $4,140
  • 2005 Ford 150 Pickup with 12K miles for - $5,710
  • 2003 Jeep Liberty with 23K miles - $3,890
  • 2005 Corvette with 13K miles - $4,600
Like I said these are just a sample of ones I selected but you can select from any made and model. So where do all these vehicles come from and why are they so darn cheap? The come from numerous branch sources which all have many vehicles reposed for different reasons ranging from unpaid debt and/or taxes to many different legal reasons. Police and other government agencies also sell off the items that they obtain from convicted criminals.
Going to a live on-site government auction rather then an online auction is a good idea because you will be given the opportunity to look over the vehicle before you bid on it. As I've mentioned in the past if you're not mechanically inclined then bring someone to the auction who is. Also be careful to verify the quality and the history of the vehicle before you purchase. Given the fact that a small percentage of people are even aware that these auctions even exist, you'll be able to find a vehicle of your choosing, perhaps even of higher social status then you intended for a much lower price then you expected.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Liberty Auction House - The Internets Source for Police Auction

The reason why these kinds of police auctions are held is because police or other federal agencies confiscate cars and need to release them. There are several sources of these cars:

1. Seized cars from criminals. The seizure law provides a tool for the police, in particular against drug dealers and organized crime. The property that is employed in the commission of the crime can be seized under this law.

2. Collected evidence. Sometimes police arrest a thief who has the place to store the stolen items. Especially in case of luxury vehicles that are disassembled for the parts, it is too difficult to find out the original owners. Even if the police spend much effort to return those collected items to the rightful owner, there are usually a lot remaining unclaimed. Occasionally, the police may even open the whole warehouse of stolen items to make the sales.

3. Cars that have been impounded by the law enforcement and have never been claimed. Some cars are towed by the police for different reasons then put in police auctions or government auctions. When a car has been in an accident or parked illegally, it needs to be moved out of the street. Normally, it would be claimed later on. However, if the processes of returning the cars to the rightful owners are unsuccessful, the police can place them for an auction.

4. Some items are turned in by good civilians with the hope that they will come back to the owner. Nonetheless, in the case that no owner is found they would be auctioned off.

5. Apart from the above, there are also junk vehicles that are abandoned by the owner and the police surplus cars that are not needed anymore. These will turn up in the police auction just as well.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Holy Horses! Police Auctions are Awesome!

These days, people have to be extra mindful about how they spend their money. There really are trying times wherein a monthly budget won't be enough to fit all the expenses of a family. With the rising costs of commodities, what should you do get more for your money, especially when buying a car?

Police Auctions

 Though many commercials and print ads have attractive offers for brand new vehicles, not everyone can afford them. What is the solution for car-seekers who want to save? The answer is in the form of seized vehicles from government or police auctions.

When you said seized vehicles, what does it mean? Seized vehicles are cars, SUVs, vans, trucks, and the like which have been confiscated by the government of by law enforcement authorities. The seizure of such vehicles may be due to a variety of reasons, like they were used to fund crimes, have been used in crimes, have been impounded, and also if they were unclaimed.

Car auctions

If you were to do a search for seized vehicles from police auctions or government auctions, what types of cars would you expect to see? Surprisingly enough, seized vehicles can range from brand new to almost brand new models, and you can find one that suits your needs, whether it is a sedan, a pick up truck, family van, SUV, sports car, and others. What is great about seized vehicles is that you can expect from 50% to 90% discounts from their original price. Still not sure about buying seized vehicles form government auctions or police auctions?

jewelry auctions

Here are some tips on how to assess your vehicle of interest.
First you must note that all vehicles purchased from police auctions or government auctions are sold as is. Whatever damage is present, or whatever damages are incurred after purchase is not covered under any warranty. When you browse through websites for seized vehicles, government auctions, or police auctions, take the time to read through their lists of available cars. You can find pertinent data such as the make of the car, its color, the year it was made and was seized, as well as the mileage on it. There are some seized vehicles that are just like new, which have only been used for a few months.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Police Auctions Disaster Kit

Free Police Auction Information

Police auctions are just like any other auctions you can attend, except they have even better deals because the cars have been seized from their owners. So, you end up getting a well maintained car for a below average price.
Although you can save money by going to a police auto auction period, there are a couple of things you will want to bring with you to ensure that you have the best experience, in addition to saving the most money. You can find out what they are in the following list.
1. Kelly's Blue Book: This is a must have when buying a car from anywhere. It will give you an estimate of how much the car is actually worth so you can get an idea of how much you should bid on it. This comes in handy when there are a lot of other people bidding on the car you want and the bidding gets out of hand. You'll know when to stop bidding so you won't kick yourself later for paying way more than the car is actually worth.
2. Mechanic: Unless you know your way around cars, bringing a mechanic along with you to your next police seize auto auction is always a good idea and will save you from a lot of headaches. Have your mechanic check the car out for any repairs it may need. Then, depending on the car's condition you can deciding if it is worth buying or not. This is way better than buying the car first and then finding out that it needs all types of costly repairs.
3. A friend: Not only are they good to bring along for company, they can also talk some sense into you if you get too carried away in the bidding process. Plus, you'll also need a ride up to the seized car auction so you can drive you new car home.
As long as you remember to bring these three things with you to the next police seize auto auction you attend, you'll already be ahead of the game. Plus, you'll save a few extra bucks in the process.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Police Auctions in the News -

Liberty Auction House is currently giving a free list of updated data on police auctions, government auctions and automotive auctions on an everyday basis. the web site has become a frontrunner when it involves selling auction things and shows a good deal of selection within the merchandise.

Chicago, Illinois May 17, 2012

Liberty Auction House, an exclusive auction web site, is providing latest data on the police auctions, government auctions and automotive auctions from time to time. the web site deals with auction things from police and government and is understood to be reliable service supplier. Liberty Auction House has been rendering exceptional service during this space and is currently providing for watches and jewellery things for auction.

Many of the most effective things may be found solely within the auctions and there's a good level of demand for auction things everywhere the planet. it's a accepted proven fact that things that are auctioned are typically cheaper and is price quite the worth that one get to pay. The auction web site, Liberty Auction House, could be a accepted and reliable web site that displays a spread of things for auction. the things place up for auction through the web site embrace bills, coins, jewellery auctions, gemstones, vehicles, boats and motorcycles.

Liberty Auction home is particularly known for its nice line of jewellery things as well as bracelets, earrings, rings and necklaces. each branded likewise as normal jewellery items are accessible with the web site. there's a separate space for displaying the auction things underneath a particular class. There are featured auction things place up within the web site that may be directly purchased. Over thousands of auction things are found in Liberty Auction House. For one to induce the most effective product that hits the auction space, one got to keep visiting the positioning on an everyday basis.

Upon joining the auction web site, one gets access to the large assortment of auction things. there's no membership fee demand in case of Liberty Auction House and every one that one got to do is to induce themselves registered at no cost and begin bidding. the web site could be a one stop resolution for all people who need to shop for things for a less expensive value. There are some aspects to be paid attention to when creating an auction deal and with the assistance of the web site, one might create a wise alternative potential.

John N., who uses Liberty Auction House on an everyday basis, says, “Liberty Auction House provides for presidency and police auction things for a far cheaper rates within the market and it's a reliable supply for jewellery, automobile and coin auctions.”

For additional data associated with Liberty Auction House and also the deals accessible in it, visit us at:

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Jewelry Auctions are here to Stay because you can $ave

Buying jewelry online and going to jewelry auctions seems today to be the best option to acquire precious articles of choice. As the Internet becomes more and more the preferred method of getting information and buying jewelry via the Web is likewise becoming popular, whether through jewelry websites or online jewelry auctions or other sites. It is quite easy to acquire good articles, both costly and inexpensive jewelry, plus all other advantages that influence people to use the Web. But of course there are pitfalls, too. Some of the advantages and disadvantages may include the following.
Low prices: Online jewelry sites do not have to pay overhead costs like store space rentals, utilities (read phone bills and electricity), and display merchandisers. Thus they can afford to offer items at much lower costs. There are items that may sell 50% lower than comparable or identical items at real stores.
Except that you will not know immediately if the item is a fake, a copy or made out of different materials than advertised, like being plated instead of solid gold. And some will charge astronomic shipping charges to recoup low prices. Plus you spend more shipping it back when the item is flawed.
Convenient shopping: You do not need to personally go to the store bringing cash or credit card and maybe get mugged; wearing fashionable clothes to impress the salespersons and get good service, and spending for transportation. Furthermore, you can visually scrutinize the photograph of the item closely without someone breathing down your back waiting if you will mar its sheen or fast-talk you into buying. In short, it is no-worry, comfortable shopping in your pajamas (if you wish).
But you cannot bargain for a lower price unless it is an auction site. Also, you cannot ask questions and get immediate answers to help you decide. The information on the page will be what you would know about it. Therefore much of your decision could be based on suppositions or assumptions on your part about the item.
Price comparing: Open several tabs in your computer and put in each one a similar or identical item from various sites and you can compare the prices and features quite easily, without the salesperson disparaging the products of the competitors.
However, close inspection of the item itself is impossible, as what you see are just pictures you cannot turn over or around to have a better view. And you cannot bring down the price to that of the lowest priced compared item unless you communicate directly with the seller via the phone or an instant messaging facility.
Customer support: is offered by most jewelry sales websites. Some even have experts to advise you on gem quality and metal composition, or suggest the best gift for a loved one. Any question gets answered with authority and knowledge in a day or so.
Though often, you have to pay the shipping cost when you return the item.
But naturally, there will always be pluses and minuses about anything, and here the pluses are more than the minuses.
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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Decent Cars at Police Auctions for Under $500?!?!?!

Do you desire a new car? does one have to be compelled to realize some cheap things for your new home? wish to shop for some new jewellery to feature to your collection?

Police auctions are an excellent thanks to get the things you would like at terribly nice costs. unsure where to beginsearching? There are resources on-line that may assist you. you'll do a groundwork to search out sensible websites websites to go to if you are looking to search out out additional concerning police auctions.

These sites can supply an enormous style of things, therefore if you are sorting out a brand new bicycle for yourself or your kid, a decent laptop that's in good condition, or currency and coins to feature to yourassortment, these sites can have millions of decisions in every class for you to settle on from. Specials that I currently found on one among these sites embody a fourteen K gold bracelet that's currently being bid on for somewhat below $300, a Panasonic laptop for around $250, and a video game system from Microsoft for slightly over $170. check that that you justcheck these sites usually to visualize the speed at that the bids are increasing, further on see what proportion time is left for bidding on the things you would like.

There are vehicles on these websites to be bid on further, therefore likelihood is that you will find an inexpensiveautomobile that has the options that you just wish. you may additionally realize variety of nice deals at police auctions sitesthat you just will not wish to pass up. you'll place as several bids as you would like on-line, and there are millions ofstunning jewellery items on the web site that are being sold for a fraction of what you'd pay within the jewellery store,therefore take care to go looking through the websites for diamond pendants, necklaces with sapphire accents, and diamond bracelets that guaranteed can build nice additions to your jewellery assortment.

You can additionally purchase vehicles on the such sites for as very little as $500 greenbacks and plenty of of them are invirtually new condition. These auction sites also will provide you with nice data on foreclosures so you'll be ready to realizefurther property that you just will use as an investment. whereas you'll visit these sites for police auctions, you'll additionallydetermine additional concerning auto auctions that are occurring domestically.

The auctions are sponsored by the Department of Defense, and there are even some cars for sale that were previously owned by the government's General Services Administration Fleet. you'll additionally talk over with town Hall in your space so asto search out out when police auctions are going to be happening in your town.