Monday, May 7, 2012

Jewelry Auctions are here to Stay because you can $ave

Buying jewelry online and going to jewelry auctions seems today to be the best option to acquire precious articles of choice. As the Internet becomes more and more the preferred method of getting information and buying jewelry via the Web is likewise becoming popular, whether through jewelry websites or online jewelry auctions or other sites. It is quite easy to acquire good articles, both costly and inexpensive jewelry, plus all other advantages that influence people to use the Web. But of course there are pitfalls, too. Some of the advantages and disadvantages may include the following.
Low prices: Online jewelry sites do not have to pay overhead costs like store space rentals, utilities (read phone bills and electricity), and display merchandisers. Thus they can afford to offer items at much lower costs. There are items that may sell 50% lower than comparable or identical items at real stores.
Except that you will not know immediately if the item is a fake, a copy or made out of different materials than advertised, like being plated instead of solid gold. And some will charge astronomic shipping charges to recoup low prices. Plus you spend more shipping it back when the item is flawed.
Convenient shopping: You do not need to personally go to the store bringing cash or credit card and maybe get mugged; wearing fashionable clothes to impress the salespersons and get good service, and spending for transportation. Furthermore, you can visually scrutinize the photograph of the item closely without someone breathing down your back waiting if you will mar its sheen or fast-talk you into buying. In short, it is no-worry, comfortable shopping in your pajamas (if you wish).
But you cannot bargain for a lower price unless it is an auction site. Also, you cannot ask questions and get immediate answers to help you decide. The information on the page will be what you would know about it. Therefore much of your decision could be based on suppositions or assumptions on your part about the item.
Price comparing: Open several tabs in your computer and put in each one a similar or identical item from various sites and you can compare the prices and features quite easily, without the salesperson disparaging the products of the competitors.
However, close inspection of the item itself is impossible, as what you see are just pictures you cannot turn over or around to have a better view. And you cannot bring down the price to that of the lowest priced compared item unless you communicate directly with the seller via the phone or an instant messaging facility.
Customer support: is offered by most jewelry sales websites. Some even have experts to advise you on gem quality and metal composition, or suggest the best gift for a loved one. Any question gets answered with authority and knowledge in a day or so.
Though often, you have to pay the shipping cost when you return the item.
But naturally, there will always be pluses and minuses about anything, and here the pluses are more than the minuses.
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