Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Police Auctions in United States: Daily Deals Found to be better than Hammer Price!

LibertyAuctionHouse.com has found daily deal prices offer better savings for customers.

LibertyAuctionHouse.com - Free Police Auctions
LibertyAuctionHouse.com - Free Police Auctions
Free Police Auctions - Barry Bonds Autographed Baseball
Barry Bonds Autographed Baseball
Liberty Auction House which is known for its free data base of United States police auctions and government auctions, has made a shocking find that will be shocking to the auction world, according to CEO of Libertyauctionhouse.com, Micheal Strom.

Despite the number of daily dealer sites, the top two — Groupon and Living Social — continue to lead the way. But there are many items that don’t fit the mold of the Groupon daily deal scene. But LibertyAuctionHouse.com thinks it has changed that.

“It’s clear from our research that daily deals can offer a better price for the customer on average,” said Michael Strom, CEO of Liberty Auction House.
A study by Liberty Auction House created in June stated that 50 percent of customers who become members at the LibertyAuctionHouse.com site and have purchased at auction and a daily deal, have received a better price by paying for the daily deal.

When it comes to which site they use, consumers say it depends on what products are offered. Michael Strom of Liberty Auction House. said he has used Groupon many times but not as much lately, as the offers haven’t been enticing.

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