Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Police Auctions made Available to Public Online by Michael Strom of the US Marines

Liberty Auction House - Police Auctions

As reported in Virtual Strategy Magazine tis morning, Major Michael Strom, a battalion Executive officer and operations officer, has been active nearly 26 years in the United States Marine Corps. and continues his path to defend our country in the Marine Reserves. Decades after serving as a Senior Staff Officer on a combined Joint Task Force in Kuwait and Iraq during “Operation Enduring Freedom,” He will be celebrating a new form of freedom. The freedom to find Government Auctions and Police Auctions online without wasting your time trying to find them or getting charged a fee to tell you where they are located.
“It’s time we make these services available to the American people with out having to worry about digging through their local papers or paid membership sites,” says Strom. “Let the American people explore with ease.”
War time memorabilia such as Relic Bullets found in the battle fields of the Civil War or Continental Currency utilized during birth of our wonderful county. Liberty Auction House has been made a breeding ground for celebrating United States collectables.
Owner and CEO of Liberty Auction House, Major Michael Strom has recently been promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and will be ranked in September 2012.
Liberty Auction House is an online source for government auctions and police auctions found around the United States. Liberty Auction House daily auctions consist of jewelry auctionscoin auctions, stamps, and memorabilia.

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